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Salmon in the Classroom - May 18, 2016

Great Lakes released 169 salmon into Pine Creek on Wednesday. We are thankful for the support of the Lakeshore Charter Boat Association and DU Allegan.

Salmon in the Classroom - May 13, 2015


About 65 6th grade students from the Saugatuck Middle School were taken out fishing aboard about 16 charter and private fishing boats. The day was cold with 55 degree weather and a northwest wind of 25 mph and 3 to 5 foot seas. Some of them never made it past 30 foot of water due to the rough conditions. However, some of the larger boats did fish for 1 to 2 hours, and as a result, the students caught about 50 fish. Allegan Ducks Unlimited then cooked up the catch for the students and crews. The students were then given a Shimano rod and reel that were purchased by donations of Huntington Bank and the Lake Michigan Charter Boat Association.


178 salmon raised by a 3rd grade class were also released today. Funding for the equipment supplied by Michigan Lakeshore Charter Boat Association.

Salmon in the Classroom - May 20, 2014

On May 20, 2014, the Lake Shore Charter Boat Association, along with private boats from both Saugatuck and Holland, took 67 6th Grade Saugatuck students out for a morning of salmon fishing. This is the 5th time that the charter boat association has rewarded students for their participation in the Salmon in the Classroom program. In this program, the students hatch and raise Chinook salmon to the smolting stage and then release them into the Kalamazoo River. All of the equipment and supplies for the two classrooms were purchased and maintained by the Lake Shore Charter Boat Association and Allegan Ducks Unlimited.

20 charter and private captains and mates donated their time, gas, and equipment to catch 80+ salmon, steelhead, and lake trout. The catch was then cleaned by the captains and mates, and Allegan Ducks Unlimited cooked up the catch for all students, teachers, writers, captains, and mates. After the lunch, all the students were given a Shimano rod and reel purchased from Shimano with a donation from Huntington Bank. 

Thank you to Sarah Coffman and Dave Engle for their work in organizing the outing and getting the boats. Thank you to Ducks Unlimited for cooking and serving the catch, and to Huntington Bank and Shimano Rods and Reels for their donations. And a special thank you to all the captains and mates who made this outing so special to the students.

Salmon in the Classroom - May 21, 2013

On May 21, 2013, 75 6th grade students from the Saugatuck Middle School were rewarded with a fishing trip on Lake Michigan for salmon and trout. Nineteen boats, consisting of charter boats from the Michigan Lakeshore Charter Boat Association and private boats from both Saugatuck and Holland, volunteered their time and equipment to reward these students who participated in the Salmon in the Classroom program. The 75 students caught 90+ salmon and lake trout, with the largest weighing in at 19.5 pounds. The catch was  cleaned and filleted by the captains and crew and then the Allegan Ducks Unlimited fried up the catch which was enjoyed by all the students, teachers, captains, and crews.

A special thanks to all the Saugatuck boats, the Morgan Tackle Boat, the Holland boats for donating their time, gas and equipment, and to Ducks Unlimited of Allegan for cooking the lunch. Also, a special thanks to Grandville Cabelas which donated gift cards to the largest fish caught by a girl and also one for the largest fish caught by a boy and for each of the 6th Grade educators. In addition, Cabelas donated a rod and reel for each 6th grade student. Thank you Cabelas!!!

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West Ottawa Students Release Salmon into the Wild - May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013 @ 05:30 PM

Third-grade students from four classrooms at West Ottawa's Great Lakes Elementary School released salmon fingerlings into a nearby creek Monday afternoon. The classes raised the salmon as part of the Salmon in the Classroom program, which is sponsored by Michigan Lakeshore Charter Boat Association of Saugatuck/Holland and Ducks Unlimited of Allegan. Sixth-graders from Saugatuck Public Schools also participate in the program and will be going fishing next week. —Staff report

Douglas Fifth Graders Get a Hands on Experience of the Circle of Life on May 18, 2010

Douglas Elementary Schools fifth grade students will experience the circle of life first-hand on Tuesday, May 18, thanks to the Salmon in the Classroom program offered by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and a charter fishing trip sponsored in part by the Saugatuck/Holland Charter Boat Association.

Salmon in the Classroom is a program that enables students to learn the life cycle of the salmon,  local preservation, and how be an active participant in the protecting of our natural resources. Classrooms who take part in this program receive Chinook salmon eggs in the fall and care for the fish throughout the school year, ending with a release of the fish in the spring. Over 100 classrooms throughout Michigan participated in the program this year and are planning to begin releasing their salmon within the next few weeks.

Seventy-three students from Douglas Elementary School will take their learning experience one step further by launching the first Chartered outing in partnership with the Salmon in the Classroom program. The Saugatuck/Holland Charter Boat Association captains and fishing members plan to take the students on a salmon fishing excursion on Lake Michigan on Tuesday May 18th. They will be joined by school administrators, teachers and media representatives.

The Huntington Big Lake Classic Fishing Tournament, as well as other various  tournament fundraisers, are providing financial support for the outing.

The group will leave Tower Marina in Saugatuck around 7:00 in the morning and return at noon for a fish-fry!

To learn more about Salmon in the Classroom, visit

Net Pen Project

Saguatuck/Holland Area Charter Boat Association's (SACA) local "Net Pen" project is in the works! The pen (disassembled and stored all winter) was assembled and put into the water (Kalamazoo River, on the north end of the Coral Gables docks), and the fingerlings are scheduled to be delivered this coming week. The SACA "Net Pen" project is in conjunction with the MI DNR and the Battle Creek Steelheader's Association. Approximately 45,000 Chinook (King) salmon fingerlings will be put into the net pen, and held and fed for about 3 weeks while the fish mature and gain strength. Once the fish begin to smolt they will be released into the river. Net pen fish have a 80% survival rate, compared to 25% of fingerlings that are planted directly into the river. Net pen fish are also form an "imprint" to the river, further improving the Lake Michigan salmon fishing from the Saugatuck port. This is the 5th consecutive year that the DNR has planted salmon in the Saugatuck net pen. Pictured are Captains Robert (Bob) Engel and Roger (Rog) Bronkhorst, both long time Saugatuck port charter captains as well as charter members of SACA. Bob and Rog head up SACA's Net Pen project committee. Also we have arranged a fishing trip to take place on May 18 for the Douglas elementary 5th grade class.

5th Grade Fishing Trip

The Saugatuck/Holland Charter Boat Association along with the Huntington Big Lake Classic Fishing Tournament Committee, hosted the first annual Salmon in the Classroom outing.

Douglas elementary 5th graders have been participating in the Salmon in the Classroom program for the last couple years and this program is currently funded by the Charter Boat Association, donations and fishing tournament fundraisers.  As a reward for this their dedication to this environmental project and study, the charter boat association decided to take the students fishing.

On May 18 the Saugatuck/Holland Charter Boat Association captains and associate fishing members took the 73 5th grade students on a big lake salmon fishing excursion.  On boats, operated by eight charter boat members and twelve associate members, the students caught over 150 Coho salmon Chinook salmon and Lake Trout.

Along with the 73 students there were teachers, school administrators, the DNR and video crew, MUCC and video crew and a host of media representatives ranging from newspaper and magazine writers to local television stations.  The day of fishing began at about 7 AM at Tower Marina in Douglas, Mi. and all boats returned to Tower Marina at 12 noon where pictures were taken and the fish cleaned.

The Tournament Fishing Committee then furnished all guests with a fresh fish dinner at the marina.

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