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Can´t Miss Charters

Captain: Norm Coffman
Boat Name: 4 C's
Boat Type: Tiara 36' Open
Boat Location: Saugatuck, Mi

Capt Norm has been a charter captain for 35 years from the Saugatuck harbor. He is retired from the household moving business. Because Saugatuck is such a great area for shopping and eating, I never saw any reason to leave. The people are friendly and helpful. There is always something to do in Saugatuck. We even have restaurants that will prepare the fish you catch on one of the charter boats caught in the Saugatuck area. We are so fortunate to have so many charter boats that help each other during the course of a charter trip. We love to fish, and love catching better. Try our area, you will like it.

JJ Sportfishing Charters

Captain: Jim Swanezy
Boat Name: JJ
Boat Type: Pursuit 34' Open
Boat Location: Yacht Basin Marina,  Holland, Mi
I've been a Captain since 1995 and have been fishing the Great Lakes for 35 years. We offer a quality fishing experience for families,and business clientele. We operate a 34 ft.Pursuit, fully equipped for the ultimate fishing experience.We fish for salmon and trout from April to September.

Tony Walti´s Always On Charters

Captain: Tony Walti
Boat Name: Black Betty II
Boat Type: Tiara 31' Open
Boat Location: Saugatuck, Mi

Bachelor One Charters

Captain: Bill Maclean
Boat Name: Bachelor One
Boat Type: 30FT SeaRay 
Boat Location: Yacht Basin Marina, Holland, Mi

Bill has over 20 years experience fishing the waters of Lake Michigan as a Charter Captain.

TakeĀ“m Out

Captain: Kris Arnold
Boat Name: Take'm Out
Boat Type: Hydra Sports 2900VX 29' long
Boat Location: Yacht Basin Marina, Holland, Mi

Captain Kris Arnold is a professional mariner and fisherman. As a licensed Chief Engineer, in addition to his captain's credentials, Kris has worked his entire adult life at sea. Since 1993 he has been Chief Engineer aboard a 270 ft factory trawler operating in the Bering Sea of Alaska. He spends his summers in Michigan pursuing his passion for Great Lakes salmon and trout fishing. Take'm Out Charters is a first class charter fishing company with a top-of-the-line boat that is outfitted with the best fishing and safety equipment.  Captain Kris' goal is to ensure your safety and enjoyment on every trip. It's all about the fun!  

U.S. Male Charters

Captain: Roger Bronkhorst
Boat Name: U.S. Male
Boat Type: Sea Ray 30' Weekender
Boat Location: Saugatuck, Mi

My name is Capt. Rog Bronkhorst. I have been Capt. Of the U.S. Male Charter boat for the past 31 years. I have had the privilege of  catching steelhead, trout, and salmon for many people.  Lots of fun has been had on our family-oriented trips. Our boat is equipped with the latest equipment, and we are licensed by the Coast Guard and State of  Michigan. Daily fishing licenses are available on board.

Retirement Home Fishing Charters

Captain: John Sisson
Boat Name: Retirement Home
Boat Type: 30' Sea Ray
Boat Location: Saugatuck, Mi

My name is John Sisson. I have been fishing all of my life. I bought this 30 ft Sea Ray about 5 years ago just for pleasure fishing. Recently, I have been doing a lot of first mate fishing for Charter Boats out of Saugatuck, Mi. Then, I decided after doing this for a summer I went and got my Captain's License to be able to Charter on my own boat the "Retirement Home". Now, I would like to be able to make families and their children happy, giving them the experiences of catching King Salmon, Lake Trout, Steel Head, Coho, Etc....and being on the Great Lakes of Michigan.

Thank You,

Captain John Sisson

Hoppenero Charters, LLC

Captain: Mike Hoppenrath
Boat Name: Hoppenero Too
Boat Type: Tiara 33' Open
Boat Location: Saugatuck, Mi

Captain Mike holds a 100 ton Masters license and has been fishing the Great Lakes for over 30 years.  We strive to keep our customers interests in mind when working with your valuable vacation time. This is a time for families and the sportfishing enthusiast. We have a lot of return visitors, which we welcome year after year. We specialize in multi-generational sportfishing trips whether Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout or Yellow Perch Fishing. Come and enjoy the fun!  Don't let this summer fade away!

Best Chance Too Charters

Captain: Dave Engel
Boat Name: Best Chance Too
Boat Type: Tiara 36' Open
Boat Location: Saugatuck, MI

Captain Dave is no stranger to Lake Michigan fishing. He's been a captain for over 35 years on the big lake and has become the number one money winner of all time in Lake Michigan fishing tournaments. He chooses Saugatuck as his homeport to take most of his charters from. When not at a tournament, you will enjoy fishing aboard his 36 foot Tiara Yacht. It is well sponsored with the latest and greatest in Lake Michigan fishing gear. He spends the winters guiding for waterfowl hunting and conducting seminars teaching other anglers to be more successful. A day of fishing with Capt. Dave is an experience you will never forget.

CoHooker Charters, LLC

Captains: Ron Westrate, Kevin Westrate
Boat Name: First Call 2
Boat Type: Luhrs 29 Tournament
Boat Location: Saugatuck, Mi

As a father and son team, Capt. Ron has been chartering for 35 years and Capt Kevin for 16 years.  CoHooker Charters LLC is a customer-oriented operation that specializes in wholesome family recreation of salmon, trout and steelhead fishing.  We welcome both business and family groups, ages 5 to 95.  CoHooker Charters LLC has provided quality fishing experiences for individuals with all types of handicaps, form all walks of life and from all over the world.

Miryha Charters

Captain: Mike Harney
Boat Name: Miryha (pronounced Mariah)
Boat Type: 10.8m International Trojan - 35'
Boat Location: Saugatuck, Mi

Thank you for your interest in Fishing aboard Miryha - Home of Saugatuck's Sunset Charter Fishing. I know the spelling is funny but I pronounce it "Mariah".  She has a wide 13 foot beam and a length of 35 feet.  She is equipped with all the necessary safety devices and a few extras just in case.  Miryha is very comfortable yet a true fishing machine.  We boast more rods and reels than we could ever imagine using.  Our average mixed bag catch of King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Lake Trout, and Steelhead is 8 fish per trip.  When the fishing is good we catch solid double digits - that would be 12 - 20 fish.  Hope to have you on board for a day full of memories.

Join one of our Coast Guard-licensed Captains for a thrilling day fishing for King and Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Brown Trout on Lake Michigan. You will enjoy being on one of their comfortable, safe and well-equipped fishing boats while you try to catch the trophy of a lifetime! And afterwards, the crew will fillet and bag your catch for the trip home. The Saugatuck/Holland Area Charterboat Association (SACA) is dedicated to promoting sportfishing in the Greater Saugatuck area, including Saugatuck, Douglas and Holland on the gorgeous sunset coast of Michigan. Why wait? Come to Saugatuck & Holland - enjoy our fantastic fishing and explore one of the most charming port cities in the world! Call 877-952-4554 or 877-803-6630 or 877-952-3674 today to book a trip with one of our experienced captains! Enjoy the trip of a lifetime charter fishing Lake Michigan from the beautiful ports of Saugatuck and Holland.