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Fishing Reports - Sport Fishing Charters Holland & Saugatuck, MI

Saugatuck Fishing Report - 8/2/10

The Ace High plugs made by Silver Horde are beginning to produce some very good salmon when pulled on copper. This past week produced catches from 6 to 18 fish per trip in the 70 to 90 foot depth. There where also some nice 4 year old salmon caught out in 160 to 180 foot, however the most productive was the 85 foot depth. The chinook salmon dominates the catch, however some lake trout, steelhead and brown trout showed up the the creel.

On the 200 and 300 copper the Ace High plugs (glow green back, glow green ladder back, glow green lightning, glow black lightning and green splatter back) produced very well along with the silver mountain dew flasher and green fly. The dipsy divers produced very well at 100 and 200 foot back with Pro Chip and Hot Chip and Stinger E chip flashers (white blue wiggle, silver blue wiggle, silver mountain dew and white slick) with Rapture (oceana, blue bubble, green hypnotist and green no see um) flies. Downriggers produced at 65, 75 and 65 foot down with a variety (these changed daily with white glow, white slick, green glow, etc.) of 11 in E chip flashers and Rapture flies.

Good fishing with good size chinook salmon and lake trout should hold if we do not get any drastic changes in weather or water temperature.

Saugatuck Fishing Report - 7/26/10

We had another good week of fishing even with the rough water and storms that moved through during the week. With the exception of today, we have been taking 8 to 20 fish every trip. Today we fished from 9 to 2 and had a total of one fish on a 400 foot copper. I hope this is due to the fact that we fished in the middle of the day since as a rule the fishing is better in the early hours of the morning and slows as the light increases. This week we caught a number of chinook salmon in the 16 to 20 pound range, a 14 pound steelhead, a 13 pound lake trout and a fantastic 18 pound brown trout.

Flashers and flies continue to produce very well when pulled on downriggers, dipsy divers and 300 and 400 copper. The best flashers are the Pro Troll (silver/green, silver mountain dew, white blue wiggle, white glow and silver blue) with Rapture flies (no see um green, oceana, blue bird, wild fern, green hypnotist and purple no see um). We also had some good luck with Ace Hi plugs (silver red head, green lightning and blue lightning) and Stingray blue dolphin and Nitro lures producing some nice steelhead on 200 and 300 copper.

Perch fishing continues to be spotty with some reports of decent catches in 40 to 50 foot of water out of Holland and 60 to 70 foot of water out of South Haven and 40 foot of water off of Glenn. Again, it has been spotty with the perch being caught at one depth one day but gone the next. There are a few perch being caught in the rocks off the Douglas point, however it is hard to get the bait past the golbies.

The bait is still in the 40 to 60 foot depth and out in 140 to 160 foot depth, so I hope this will hold the salmon and trout in the area.

Saugatuck Fishing Report - 7/19/10

This week produced some very good fishing with 10 to 18 fish per trip. The creel consists of chinook salmon up to 18 pounds, coho up to 10 pounds, steelhead and lake trout up to 12 pounds. Fish are being caught from 60 to 160 foot of water, however the best depth for us has been 90 to 120 foot of water. There have been some salmon caught very early in the morning (5-6 AM ) and late in the day (sunset to 1 hour after) in 50 FOW just outside the bait.

The best methods continue to be flashers and flies on the downriggers, divers and on 400 copper. The best flashers are the Stinger E Chip blue wiggle (with the silver blade and white blade), double white glow Pro Chip, green glow Pro Chip and the white mountain dew Pro Chip. We have been running the Rapture oceania fly behind the blue wiggles and green no see ums and green hypnotist flies behind the other flashers. Up until today we have been taking some nice coho and steelhead on 200 copper ( we had to go with them on the 300 copper today) with silver horde glow wonder bread and the white glow black lightning plugs. On the other 300 coppers we either pulled magnum spoons like the stinger blue dolphin or glow nitro lures.

Perch fishing in the Saugatuck and Holland area continues to be slow with very few perch being caught. South Haven reported some very good perch fishing from 20 to 50 FOW. I did talked to some fishermen who caught some very nice perch 10 miles south of the Saugatuck piers in 30 to 40 FOW. Unless you want to run 10 miles, get out the flashers and flies and catch some salmon

Saugatuck Fishing Report - 7/11/10

We had another good week of fishing with catches ranging  for 8-15 fish  a trip. There is a definite early bite with most of the catch coming in the first 3 hours. Chinook salmon and lake trout made up the greatest part of the catch, with a few steelhead and coho mixed in.  The best water was 90-110 FOW, but fish were taken from 80-180 FOW.  During the beginning of the week the water was a little warmer and fish were caught 50-100 feet down.  The water cooled off on Thursday and fish were taken 30-80 feet down.

 Pro Chip flashers and Rapture flies were at most productive presentation.  The best combinations were:  blue wiggle flasher w/ a blue bubble fly, green wiggle flasher w/ a wild fern fly, green slick glow flasher w/ a hypnotist fly, and a chrome green flasher w/ a last supper fly.  Fish were caught on Sting Ray spoon on the copper lines throughout the week.  Silver orange tip, coyote, glow wonderbread, and the blue cory spoons were all productive.  The dolphin and pearl black dot Ace Hi plugs on copper also produced some action over the weekend.

Perch fishing was slow out of Saugatuck and Holland, however it was red hot in South Haven with limit catches being reported.

With a warm weather forecast in sight we expect the fish to continue to congregate in the 90-150 FOW during the upcoming week.

Saugatuck Fishing Report - 7/4/10

Another good week of fishing in Saugatuck with 10 to 20 fish in the creel consisting of big salmon and big lake trout. 80 foot of water to 120 foot of water produced chinook salmon in the mid teens and lake trout pushing 13 pounds with occasional steelhead coming in the upper part of the water column.

11 inch Pro Chip flashers (white/glow) and 8 in Hot Chip (white/glow and green wiggle) with a Rapture green No See Um flies produced very well on the downriggers. Wire divers with Pro Chip flashers (white/glow, silver/green, white/blue, white mountain dew) with either Rapture green Hypnotist or No See Um flies produced most of the fish this past week. The steelhead came on 200 copper with Stingray silver orange tip and blue green dolphins.

We did some perch fishing this past week and caught a limit catch in 40 foot of water. When we are running out to fish salmon I see perch in 40 to 50 foot of water. There were reports of good catches out of South Haven in 15 foot of water, so our perch fishing should continue to improve.


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