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Fishing Reports - Sport Fishing Charters Holland & Saugatuck, MI

Saugatuck Fishing Report - 6/28/10


Even dodging storms and high winds through out the week, the fishing was good with 6 to 12 fish per trip. The creel consisted of chinook salmon pushing 20 pounds, lake trout weighing up to 14 pounds and steelhead, coho and even an occasional brown trout. The best fishing continues to be the 90 to 120 foot of water depth, however there are also fish in in the 135 to 160 foot depth. With the full moon, the bite is best in the mid to late morning and early evening.

The best lures for us are the 11 in Hot Chip and Pro Chip flashers (green/glow, white/glow and white/mountain dew) with Rapture flies (purple No See Ums, green Hypnotist, Green Dude and Frosted Fern). We are pulling these on the downriggers from 60 foot to the bottom and wire dipsy divers at 200 foot and 250 foot out. 200 and 300 copper have produced some nice steelhead and brown trout with Craig's Christmas and the orange Corey Stingrays and 400 foot of copper (also 400 foot with 2 oz dive bomb) are producing with 8 in white bladed flashers and Green Dude flies.

The perch report is good with limit catches south of the Saugatuck harbor from 60 to 70 foot of water. It is difficult to fish this deep water however the report is they are catching 10 to 14 in perch. Yesterday there was some very good catches of perch in 20 foot of water south of the piers. These were not as big as the deep water perch but avg. 6 to 8 in.

Reports from Holland to South Haven is good fishing from mid morning to noon and from 6 PM until dark. If the weather cooperates, we should hold our fish.


Saugatuck Fishing Report - 06/20/10


Saturday was a interesting, expensive and rough morning on the water.  As we came out of the harbor the seas were running about 3 foot and we set lines in 60 foot of water and trolled out to 120 foot of water.  It was 9:30 before we had our first hit and good size salmon on 400 foot of copper with a mixed veggie Pro Troll and purple Rapture No See Um fly, which we lost after a short fight.  Our first fish was a lake trout on a the same set up on a low diver on the bottom.  From 10:00 to 12:00 we had 12 or 13 fish on and only boated 3 with the seas building to 6 foot.  Along with loosing fish we broke off and lost 200 foot of copper, 300 foot of copper and a dipsy diver rig and wire line that the salmon ran out to 450 foot.  An expensive outing.

Almost ever hit came on silver flashers (silver green, silver mixed veggie, silver blue) and Green Dude and purple No See Um flies.  We did have a couple of steelhead hit the Craigs Reverse Christmas on 100 copper (caught one and lost one), other wise every hit was on flashers and flies. 

We did find bait in 60 foot of water, however the salmon and trout appear to be in the 80 to 100 foot of water.  I think that if you get out at sunrise, you could take them in the shallower water but then most of the action will be just outside the bait. 

Saugatuck Fishing Report - 06/13/10


This past week was a vast improvement over the previous two. The bait is starting to show up in larger numbers in 80 to 100 foot of water and the salmon are beginning to follow the bait. This past week produced creels of 8 to 12 fish per trip with kings in the mid teens. There were some boats that took fish that weighed over 20 pounds, however the largest we caught weighed 13 pounds. We fished 80 to 100 foot of water the last 3 trips, however the water is beginning to warm and Friday boats were fishing 130 to 160 foot of water.

Flashers and flies are beginning to produce. White blades (Pro Chip white/glow, white/mountain dew) with Rapture no see um purple flies produced well on the divers and on the bottom on the downriggers. Don’t be afraid to go with the bigger 11 in flashers.  In the upper water column the Stingray lures (orange Corey, NBK, Carmel dolphin, green dolphin and silver green glow) continued to produce on 100, 200 and 300 copper.

Hopefully, our summer pattern is starting to develop and the fish should continue to stage just outside the bait.

Saugatuck Fishing Report - 06/06/10


The old saying that “fishing slows when the cotton flies” seems to holding true. The fishing has defiantly slowed down this last week with catches of 4 to 8 fish per trip. You can catch some fish in 40 to 50 foot of water, 70 to 90 foot of water, 100 to 115 foot of water and on out to 180 foot. A few fish scattered through out and no big concentration anywhere. We took steelhead and salmon with half core and 100 foot of copper, salmon on 200 and 300 foot of copper and lake trout and a few salmon on downriggers and deep divers.

The best lures continue to be orange Corey stingrays and orange crush stingers on the 100 copper and NBK and carmel dolphin stingrays on the 200 and 300 copper. On the low divers we are running some flashers and flies and the best combination continues to be the mountain dew Pro Chip and purple no see um Rapture flies. To catch the lake trout we are using metal flashers and the Rapture green dude and last supper fly.

With the rough water and wind today, we may see a change in the water and a grouping of the fish around the bait. Hopefully the fishing will begin to improve.

Saugatuck Fishing Report - 05/30/10


What a change in fishing this week produced! Boats went from catching 18 to 30 fish on Tuesday (with some lake trout pushing 20 pounds) to only having 12 hits on Weds. The fish moved, the bait moved and the lake started to warm up some what. The rest of the week catches of 4 to 12 fish was considered a good day. Saturday we decided to run out to 300 foot of water after satellite reports showed a temperature change 18 miles out. We found some steelhead on the surface however there was no concentration and no bait. On Saturday a few fish were caught in 40 foot, 70 to 90 foot, 100 foot, 180 foot, and 300 foot, however the best area seemed to be in 130 to 160 foot of water. At this depth there were some reports of chinook salmon pushing 20 pounds--not a lot of fish but 5 to 8 fish per boat.

The best method continues to 100, 200 and 300 copper with Stinger and Stingray size spoons that are silver and orange and silver, orange and green. The most productive lures were the orange Corey, orange Natural Born Killer, and orange crush. These same lures produced well when pulled on the sliders on the downriggers at 35 and 45 foot. Most of the lake trout were taken on downriggers on the bottom with either the 11 inch white glow Pro Chip and the Rapture purple no see um fly or the tin can dodger with a Rapture green dude fly.

 We will be fishing again this PM and will probably be going to the 140 foot of water area. Check back next week and see if the bait returns, because if the bait is in an area, the salmon will be there.


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